TUCP: 25% hazard pay on COVID-19 frontliners provided - GazeFeed

TUCP: 25% hazard pay on COVID-19 frontliners provided - GazeFeed

All frontline-workers, not just government employees, should be given a 25% hazard pay, according to the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines.

"It is unfair, unjust and indecent to selectively give recognition when all frontline personnel are exposed to the same risk and are performing the same sacrifices," said TUCP Rep. Raymond Mendoza 

"This is not the time to discriminate workers, they all serve the public courageously despite the high risk of COVID-19 infection and the inconvenience of reporting to work," he said.

The group demanded that the hazard pay, worth 25 percent of their salaries, be paid to not only health workers but staff entering the media outlets, banks, supermarkets, security, manufacturing, sanitation, food industry, delivery and trucking, and other workers coming in despite the lockdown in Luzon.

The Bayanihan to Heal As One Act states that government healthcare workers will be given a “COVID Special Risk Allowance,” in addition to the 25% hazard pay under the Magna Carta for Public Health Workers.

25% hazard pay will be given to wage earners 19 and below; 5% for SG 20s and above.

The Office of the President also issued Administrative Order 26, which provides P500 hazard pay to government employees who are on duty during the lockdown. 

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