Tricycle driver begs: 'Why should we die so long' - GazeFeed

Pedicab driver begs: 'Why should we die so long' - GazeFeed

Following the implementation of the enhanced quarantine community, the stomach was so subdued that a tricycle driver in Quezon City was forced to beg for food to be eaten and to feed the family.

Kuya Edong, an unnamed member of District 5 in the QC, said that since the enhanced community quarantine was implemented, he had begun to starve.

“Just get a face. As long as my family and I are starving, I am approaching people I know who understand my situation,” Kuya Edong admitted in an exclusive interview.

According to the said tricycle driver, he is cooperating with the government's goal of taking home first and stopping work to control the spread of COVID-19, but because he relies on his family's daily income to be hungry he was just forced to 'beg.'

"It's embarrassing to ask or even beg, I can't do anything," he added.

He admitted that he had received relief goods from the local government but that some days without his income he did not have enough.

"We had a ration - 5 kilograms [of rice] maybe and pure canned sardines .. but your kid was allergic to sardines so I had to make an appointment," the story goes on.

Kesa says he and his family will die of apathy, and he will have the courage to beg

"If I didn't do it - COVID would never find me, we would have died," he concluded. 

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