TikTok of Nograles "not approved" by Netizens - GazeFeed

TikTok of Nograles "not approved" by Netizens - GazeFeed

Netizens were not pleased with Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles's visit.

In his Twitter post on April 11, Nograles danced on TikTok's "Fight Song" with his support and salute to frontliners fighting COVID-19.

It's trending on social media because some netizens don't like what he does.

According to @leisbeth_recto, as everyone is busy donating to hospitals, Nograles's concern is over.

@leisbeth_recto: “While @ 143redangel is hands-on and busy donating to hospitals, Nograles is ticking? How can this thoughtless act be able to help the frontliners? Do you want to make it worse?”

@donthebasher: “To our frontliners, forgive Karlo Nograles, for he do not know what he is doing.”

@ macoydubs1: “Distasteful. Horrible. Catastrophe. Mr. Nograles, uhhh. Sashay, fight.”

@chescapersia: “i had a small amount of respect for Nograles because he had to maintain his calm to actually cleanup after Du30's shitty press conferences but man, this TikTok was unwarranted. still a licensed lawyer and former District Representative im cackling.” 

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