The mission of "flattening the curve" successfully achieved in Davao Region - GazeFeed

The mission of "flattening the curve" successfully achieved in Davao Region - GazeFeed

Davao CITY - The Local Health workers here believe that the curve is now starting to flat, in which it shows that the cases being recorded of recoveries are more getting higher than the new cases of getting infected. 

Department of Health (DOH) - Davao assistant regional director Lenny Joy Rivera said that based on the data presented for the past 15-day enhanced community quarantine shows that there are more recoveries than the deceased. The enhanced community quarantine took effect last April 4 until April 19, thus, we can conclude that the curve is starting flatten. 

Data released by DOH-Davao showed that COVID-19 cases in the region remained at 90 while 52 patients have recovered as of April 13. Of the total cases, 74 are in Davao City, 9 in Davao del Norte, 2 in Davao del Sur, 2 in Davao de Oro, and 3 are in Davao Oriental. The province of Davao Occidental has remained free from COVID-19.

“If you look at the data, we can see it’s really decreasing as the days pass by, we see fewer patients and, at the same time, we have zero new cases on some days,” Rivera added. 

Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) chief of hospital Leopoldo Vega said that, “You’d notice that it’s flattening and reaching a plateau for several days right now or even weeks. I think we have to maintain this kind of intervention, like physical distancing”.

“I think, by that time, we can now say we did control the COVID-19. But we would just cannot put our guards down because there might be a second wave. We have to maintain some guarantees on how we behave and how we act in terms of COVID-19,” he added.

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