New Zealander family fears Duterte - GazeFeed

New Zealander family fears Duterte - GazeFeed

A New Zealander family is said to have suffered greatly while staying in the Philippines for fear of the Duterte government.

The Cuthbert family had to go on vacation in the Philippines, but Steven's dad and Sheila and young son Tevi left for NZ for surgery.

The family is concerned not with the COVID-19 plot of 'Pinas, but the threats of President Rodrigo Duterte.

“There would be people who would go outside out of curfew. They would fight with police and they would be killed. It was horrible, ”Sheila Cuthbert told Newshub.

“It was very hard. My family’s safety was at risk and there was nothing I could do about it, ”said his wife Steven.

So when the New Zealand government - with the cooperation of the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, NZ Embassy and lawyers - was able to bring the mother home, the family was happy.

"When I set foot in the airport, sorry for being emotional, but I felt safe," Sheila said in a report.

389 New Zealander is still in the Philippines, considered a "nightmare" by the Cuthbert.

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