Netizens supports for Ivana Alawi and DJ Loonyo - GazeFeed

Netizens supports for Ivana Alawi and DJ Loonyo - GazeFeed

They said the two had chemistry and things.

This is after Ivana's "boyfriend prank" with her mommy on the YouTube channel where she allegedly jokes with DJ Loonyo.

Alawi has repeatedly said that DJ Loonyo's fans should not be angry with him because he will not steal it.

But instead of being annoyed, they both became interested.

Ivana and Dj Loonyo. Please make it real HAHA Char 😂😍❤

— 게안 (@gnnrivera) April 7, 2020

This collab, mayghaaaaad 😍 Grabehan sa 488K views in 1 hour ah, Ivana being Twitter PH’s #1 trending topic too. Dami kinilig, pati si Ivana and DJ Loonyo. Just look at their eye smiles. Prank ba talaga to? 😂

— curiousdaine (@curiousdaine) April 7, 2020

Ang cute nina @IvanaAlawi and dj loonyo shett looking forward for more vids together ❤

— mimi (@mynameeeeismia) April 7, 2020

Natatawa talaga ako neto eh, natatawa ako sa reaction ng Mama ni Ivana😂 pero napaka protective ng Mama ni Ivana😭💕 nakakakilig din yung kay Ivana at Dj Loony😂parang totoo 😭😍promise kinikilig ako hanggang ngayon😍ilang ulit ko rin piniplay yung video😂♥ @IvanaAlawi

— Yanniee🍁 (@dynnbrnds) April 7, 2020

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