Minute Burger launched 'Ready-to-Cook' menu of your choice - GazeFeed

Minute Burger launched 'Ready-to-Cook' menu of your choice - GazeFeed

Other fast-food chains also released their 'Ready-to-Cook meals', this idea was implemented due to outbreak given by the disease which prevent us from going outside our houses. To enjoy your favorite meals at your most comfort, you can avail your favorite food! 

Minute Burger released their own version of the same idea 'Ready-to-Cook' food. They sell delicious burgers at reasonable price in which enjoyed by most Filipinos out there. To give you guys a quick tour about MB, 'Minuter Burger' founded in 1982, they now have over 300 stores operated by more than 100 franchisees nationwide (Philippines). 

To know more about the details, here's the flyers for more details:

Check out the nearest branch in your area. Available until supplies lasts!

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