Men, obesity is more dangerous to COVID - GazeFeed

Men, obesity is more dangerous to COVID - GazeFeed

COVID-19 has a greater impact on men and your overweight or obese individuals.

According to the report, in the emergency rooms of the virus hotspots in the world, medical staff recorded a greater number of men suffering from severe symptoms of the virus compared to women, as well as obese.

"More men than women have serious problems, and patients who are overweight or have previous health problems are at higher risk," said Derek Hill, professor of Medical Imaging Science at University College London.

According to the UK's Intensive Care National Audit and Research Center data, those treated for virus-intensive care were 73 percent men while 73.4% were in the overweight category.

According to preliminary data on patients who have survived or died of COVID-19 in the period prior to April 3, elderly patients often do not recover after treatment.

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