Member of Kadamay, requesting to make P10k in aid - GazeFeed

Member of Kadamay, requesting to make P10k in aid - GazeFeed

After the government implemented the social amelioration program it was immediately distributed to some Filipinos.

SAP is a government financial aid while the country is still under the quarantine community because of COVID-19.

But after distributing it to some residents, some Kadamay members in Negros Occidental are now complaining of less than P6,000 for their one month meal.

On Facebook live shared by Adrian Prietos, a reporter, he interviewed some members of Kadamay where they expressed their views on the government's shared assistance.

According to Leonilo, a tricycle driver, he is expected to lose P6,000 a month. That money was supposed to be for just a week.

Therefore, he called on the government if possible to make it P10,000 by the government to provide enough for his family.

She said her son was complaining because they were eating only sardines and smelling them.

In addition, other older women agree. According to him, the government's allotted money to them was lacking.

Hopefully make it P10,000 or P12,000. Mom said the P6,000 was just rice and a dish and they would never eat it again.

So if it should be there would be more to do it weekly.

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