McDonald's Chicken and Chicken Nuggets "cook-it-yourself" is now available - GazeFeed

McDonald's Chicken and Chicken Nuggets "cook-it-yourself" is now available - GazeFeed

As what the title says, yes! You heard it right! You can actually avail you McDonad's frozen chicken nuggets! McDonald's think of your home-quarantine moments and to make this more special, they sell frozen Chicken Nuggets for you to cook within your comfort at home! And it's in the latest news now, McDonald's is the establishment now offers "cook-it-yourself" packs of their classic Chicken and Chicken Nuggets. 

McDonald's Chicken Cuts (P219/a pack of 10 pieces) and Spicy Marinated Chicken Cuts (P219/a pack of 10 pieces) are brined that makes the meat extra juicy, but these packs of cook-it-yourself chicken does not come with their breading. The breading is a very crucial step to achieve a crunchy chicken skin and an easy way you can do it is by dipping the chicken in an egg wash and coating it in seasoned flour (flour, salt, and pepper) before frying until golden brown.

The big step that McDonald's offersof  all time in the is their Chicken Nuggets (P454/a pack of 50 pieces). In which we know that this is one of their best selling food in the menu. You can directly fry the chicken nuggets as is and wait until you achieve the golden brown color of it. It's the same as what you usually order at drive-thru's chicken nuggets in a box! 

However, McDonald's "cook-it-yourself" chicken and chicken nuggets doesn't include their sauce. But worry no more since here in GazeFeed we will teach you a life hack in making your delicious creamy sauce! All you need is to heat a 4:1 tomato sauce or ketchup and brown sugar, wait until it cools and you are ready to go! 

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