LOOK: Prohibited activities in GCQ, ECQ - GazeFeed

LOOK: Prohibited activities in GCQ, ECQ - GazeFeed

On May 1 the lockdown will begin in some areas under the general quarantine community.

It may mean that some businesses will be reopened for distribution in some parts of the country, but to prevent the spread of COVID-19 there are still some prohibitions in keeping with social distancing.

In the words of presidential spokesman Harry Roque at the virtual press briefing, here are some activities that will still be banned in GCQ areas, as well as in areas where the enhanced quarantine community is extended until May 15:

Gyms, fitness studios, AR sports facilities
Entertainment-related mass gatherings such as: Theater; Cinema; Large concert; Festival; Carnival; Convention; Show; and bar
Business-related mass gathering such as: Trade show; Conference; Convention; Workshop; and Retreat
Politically-related mass gatherings such as: Election rally; Polling center; Parade; and Speech / address
Sports-related mass gathering such as: Training; Game; Tournament; and Championship
Libraries, archives, museums and other cultural activities
Travel agency, tour operator, reservation services
Activity of membership organizations
Religious mass gathering

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