Duterte to Diokno: 'You didn't win because you had big teeth - GazeFeed

Duterte to Diokno: 'You didn't win because you had big teeth' - GazeFeed

In his speech, President Rodrigo Duterte angrily blamed human rights lawyer Chel Diokno.

This was allegedly caused by Diokno's attempt to violate the protocol implemented in the community quarantine.

The president had earlier said quarantine could not come out of existing homes, as well as converting or assembling a group of people.

The president challenged Diokno, “Try to convert converge. You are constitutional right so you try it, you join. 'If you're not the first one ... Let's try, won't you be arrested? You invite ten. Go to the Luneta. 'If you're not the first one I'll load in.'

The president added that this was not the time for political crisis due to the crisis.

The president even joked about Diokno's recent election. He said the lawyer, apparently, did not win, because of his large teeth.

“You know why you didn't win? Because your teeth are so big, half your jaw is out ”joked the president.

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