Due to ECQ: Crime in 'Pinas, dropped by half - GazeFeed

Due to ECQ: Crime in 'Pinas, dropped by half - GazeFeed

Philippines' crime rate has been reduced by more than half, one month after the enhanced community quarantine was implemented in Luzon due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Philippine National Police data, 1,984 crimes were reported from March 17 to April 18, far from 4,776 cases from February 13 to March 16.

58-percent dropped in the country's crime rate following the start of the Central lockdown on March 17.

In Central Luzon, out of 2,593 previous records, only 928 criminal cases were recorded.

Half of them fell in Visayas, from 1,208 to 552, while 504 reported crimes in Mindanao, up from 975.

Most of these were robbery (582), assault (428), murder (318), robbery (293) and rape (208). 

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