Davao Occidental remains COVID19 free - GazeFeed

Davao Occidental remains COVID19 free - GazeFeed

Day by day, number of new cases increases in Davao region. But Davao Occidental stands still in remaining to be COVID19-free, which means zero cases of the said disease. 

Davao City - the only province that remained COVID19 free in Davao Region is Davao Occidental, even other near provinces near them have recorded cases of coronavirus-outbreak.

The Davao Occidental Governor Claude Bautista stated that, this was the reason of him why he kept the province under 'total lockdown' with over 320,000 of residents to prevent the entry of disease. 

While the other towns within it, namely; Sta Maria, Malita, Jose Abad Santos, and Sarangani or Balut Island have registered PUIs, none of them have symptoms of the mentioned disease yet, the Governor said. 

“There are 9 PUIs that we have recorded but two of them had already been cleared. The remaining number is still being monitored,” he said.

All over the province, we have 727 under monitoring but 293 of them have been cleared, he added. 

“We intend to make the province Covid-19 free. No resident, except those in vital services, are allowed to travel outside and not a single person from adjoining provinces is allowed in. We are in total lockdown,” Governor added.

The Governor also clarified that the delivery of food, medicine, and other essential needs are allowed to come in but those individuals who are involved with the operations will follow strict checkpoint and other protocols to ensure the safety of its residents. 

These are hard times indeed, that's why we are asking the people to cooperate and give us their full-support to us in maintaining the province's safety. 

On the other hand, Davao del Sur had already recorded two confirmed cases. 

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