Adorable Cat went viral after showing his cute reaction - GazeFeed

Adorable Cat went viral after showing his cute reaction - GazeFeed 

The viral photo of this cat went viral after an unknown netizen uploaded it on the internet. In which it spread in different social media platforms and eventually transformed into a meme. 

It seems like as what we can observed in the picture, the setting is somewhere in a street restaurant. Maybe somewhere in China or something near there. 


The photo went viral after this cat showed his truly indeed a meme "face" which seems like the cat is begging for food but the person behind the camera is saying "no". 

There is one post running in the internet with a caption saying, "Can I have these?" "Noooooooooooooo-ooo!" which seems to be the same as what we all observed. LOL

Netizens were also sharing a lot of versions of and making their own meme about it. But what really matter is how adorable the reaction of this cat which really made him viral. 

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