A young woman failed in 2018 Bar Exam, "Wowed!" the public as she ranks no. 4 in 2019 Bar Exams! - GazeFeed

A young woman failed in 2018 Bar Exam, "Wowed!" the public as she ranks no. 4 in 2019 Bar Exam! - GazeFeed

Dawna Fya Bandiola is a Law Degree graduate from San Beda College-Alabang in 2018. Her first journey was failed on becoming a successful lawyer she dreamed for. But her story inspired a lot of students who are also aiming high on becoming a successful as she ranks no. 4 in 2019 Bar Exams!

"Ahmm, actually hindi ko po ma-explain yung nafe-feel ko... Ahmm... ngayon, medyo parang, ahmm. Hindi ko po ma-explain actually... Hindi ko po, hindi ko po alam na, ganito yung mangyayare since last year kasi ahm... hindi po ako nakapasa sa first take ko. And then, I promised po sa sarili ko na, ahm.. baka hindi ko pa po time.. hindi pa po will ni Lord na ibigay sakin yung pinagpra-pray ko that time."
She told the host Julius Babao that she was a little bit skeptical at that time when the manage of her school congratulated her through a text message. She said, "I checked the photo that my professor sent me. And I was like, oh my gosh! Is this for real? I just can't explain what I feel." 

"So no'ng nag-take po ako this year, inano ko na lang po lahat kay Lord, na parang siya na lang po lahat bahala sa akin. I will do my best, I will do my part and then you will do the rest." 

Dawna also admitted that because of her nervous, there was a moment that she just spent her time on things that could make her busy.

The story of Dawn Fya Bandiola truly inspired everyone to strive for their dreams and not to stop in reaching what you believe that you can! She garnered a total score of 88.3360% in which she placed 4th among the highest scores of examinees. Congratulations again, Atty, Dawna Fya Bandiola!

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