Zark's Burgers thanks the front-liners team by giving them free-burgers - GazeFeed

Zark's Burgers thanks the front-liners team by giving them free-burgers - GazeFeed

Zark's Burgers sends their appreciation message by sending the healthcare front-liners free burgers which resulted them to get viral. Recently, Zark's Burgers posted a photo of some healthcare employees received their free-burgers and thanking the company back for the kindness it shows. 


In the middle of fight against the "Novel-Corona-Virus-19", healthcare workers are one of those people whose risking their life to take care of those infected patients. Even though the disease can be transmitted through "human-to-human-interaction", they still fight and put their lives in engaging those individuals who are currently infected by the virus. Many of them needs to extend their working hours to fight against this disease. Which resulted them to break their "eating hours", that's why Zark's Burgers get the idea on giving them free-burgers for their amazing fighting spirit in fighting this newly discovered disease. 


More hospitals are now getting busy to check and monitor for the  PUI and PUM patients. Some restaurant and food business companies, also send their appreciation by giving our health workers free-food by helping them get their energy back by eating healthy foods. 

Although, the company of Zark's Burgers, did not mention which branch did the kind action towards our healthcare workers, what's important is our health workers received their free treat that they really deserved. 


The company captioned their post with: 

Hats off to all our Filipino frontline healthcare providers who are working hard through these challenging times. 🍔🙏
We sent burgers to nearby hospitals as a way to thank them for tirelessly and selflessly ensuring everyone's safety amid COVID-19.
Thank you all for your service. Saludo kami sa inyo, Zarkada!
Be safe. Let's help one another. ❤️
This too shall pass! 🙏 #WereAllinThisTogether
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