This guy gives free ride to the public due to "self-quarantine" protocol of the government - GazeFeed

This guy gives free ride to the public due to "self-quarantine" protocol of the government - GazeFeed

Due to recent global pandemic and outbreak of "Novel-Corona-Virus-2019", the Philippines' government decided to locked-down the whole Metro Manila to fight for the fast spread and cases confirmed of the disease. As result, most of the public utility vehicle's drivers are also temporarily closing their duties to drive their passengers safely to their homes. 

Hence, the PUVs are hard to find nowadays. But this man, volunteered himself to give a free-ride to those passengers or people who are really in need to go public. This includes the front-liners healthcare staffs, buyers who need to grab groceries, or those individuals who needs to buy some medicines. 

The hero behind this is "Gnuhc Bacunin". His passenger "Rai Carl" posted an appreciation post on his own social media account. The netizens was inspired by the story so it automatically went viral. 

As what can we remember, last week, people are panic buying after the news popped out that the recent disease caused to be serious that made the World Health Organization announced, "global-pandemic". On the other hand, the Department of Health advised its people to buy just those goods that are enough for their families and avoid hoarding. Stocks are now all out mostly in our known grocery stores. 

DOH, also said that people should remember and follow the guidelines we announced to the public. Wash their hands with anti-bacterial soap, maintain social distance, be hygienic and eat healthy foods. Most especially, boost our immune system by doing light exercises inside our houses. They also strictly implemented the self-quarantine and just avoid to go outside to help the DOH, stop the quick spread of virus. 

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