Police Trained Dogs are more disciplined in waiting in-line than humans - GazeFeed

Police Trained Dogs are more disciplined in waiting in-line than humans - GazeFeed 

Most of us impatient especially in waiting in-line at any events or occasions, we tend to break the rules when we get bored and do whatever we want to get that something we desire. In this photo, it shows dogs are more disciplined in following instructions than humans. They are patiently waiting for their turn while holding their bowls using their strong mouth and sitting in "one-line" form. This photo was shot from a Chinese police dog academy, those dogs we can see in the picture are apparently enrolled with the said dog academy. 

Observe how the dogs are patiently waiting for their turns to get some food. It implies, that we humans shouldn't let our anger be defeat us from any situation like this. We must obey the rules and follow the policies, wait for our turn as we are all be given our own turns. 

Police dog training is popular all over the world and was implemented to train dogs for specific tasks like, drug and bomb-sniffing, search-and-rescue-operations, and mine-clearing. 

On the other hand, there's an old photo of border of patrol service dogs queuing up and waiting for their turns and biting bowls for their food. The photo was captured somewhere in Finland 1940. This just proves that China isn't only one country doing this training for dogs institution. 

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