Pokwang donated sandwich to front-liners team - GazeFeed

Pokwang donated sandwich to front-liners team - GazeFeed 

The mainstream issue right now that our globe's facing for is the recent CoVID19 that killed over 7,900+ of people. It's a virus that is deadly enough to kill more people if not taken seriously by its people. In Philippines, the actress or comedian "Pokwang" donated sandwich to the front-liners team securing the community's safety by the fast spreading virus named, Corona-Virus-19. 

The government of the Philippines is doing their best to fight the virus. According to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, in his statement about this global pandemic issue, he stated that; "We have enough money to fight for this disease. I am confident that we can get through this." 

However, there are still Filipinos who have doubts about President's actions about the said global threat. Some netizens says, "Duterte is just using this lockdown method and part of his plan to implement martial law in Metro Manila." But there are also Filipinos agreed and compliment the government's action for fighting and stopping the spread of the CoVID19. 

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