Philippines CoVID19 cases raises to 34 with a total of 98 confirmed cases - GazeFeed

Philippines CoVID19 cases raises to 34 with a total of 98 confirmed cases - GazeFeed

Recently, DOH clarified the spreading of news online on these new cases potentially infected by the CoVID-19. They also added that the confirmed cases of 64 individuals were confined in hospitals around Metro Manila, which made our government to restrict travel around in the region. 

The Department of Health also said that, the Philippine Heart Center in Quezon City reached its limits to services after their personnel were exposed to a  COVID19-patient (an 88 -year old who died of the disease just this week). It was the eight confirmed death toll in the country. 

The Philippine Heart Center currently has 13-patients under investigation, including the 12 health workers. The operations of the hospitals are currently limited for in-patient and emergency cases only. 

The government of the Philippines also doing their best to protect their people to stop the spread of virus by cooperating its people to do "community quarantine". Community quarantine can be done by staying at home and refrain from going to crowded places. They also added that, "obviously we cannot restrict anyone or totally avoid not to go outside because as a human, we also have needs to buy like groceries and goods at home. But at least, when you go out in your houses, bring with you your alcohol, maintain 1 meter distance from anyone and avoid direct contact to everyone. And most especially, wear face masks and wash your hands properly".

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