Narwhal The Mini Magical Fury - GazeFeed

Narwhal  The Mini Magical Fury - GazeFeed 

Recently, the "Golden Unicorn" named Rae went viral and hits the internet extremely amused by its weird placement of ear on the center-top portion of its head. Now, we are going to meet Narwhal with somehow, similar with Rae before. But in this case, Narwhal the mini magical fury has also its weird thing he got in-born. 

He has completely normal ears unlike, Rae that she has one ear placed on the top-center part of her head. But Narwhal has a small tail at the center of his face. According to his owner, it was completely in-born. After the birth of Narwhal, they were worried about the tail that is placed on the center of his face. Thinking that it would cause him harm or something. 

They also referred to a pet veterinarian, and the pet vet said that it's just a tail who failed to grow or it could be a sign that Narwhal have another siblings but failed to mature. Luckily, the pet-vet added, it's safe and no further actions to be done in the case of Narwhal. 

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