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Look: Traditional medicine for cough and sore throat - GazeFeed

Some Filipinos are taking traditional medicine to combat some respiratory illnesses such as cough, colds, sore throat and others, some of the symptoms of COVID-19.

It is known as 'su-ob' in Ilokano, which is said to be an effective remedy for relieving sore throat pain.

Here are some steps to do this traditional home remedy:
1. Heat a gallon of water. Add it to three teaspoons of salt.
2. Put the heated water in a basin or bucket.
3. Cover the body and bucket with boiling water with a blanket or cloth.
4. Blow and let the hot smoke inhale from the boiling water in your mouth and nose.
5. Stay warm until the water is still hot, it is best to sweat to remove some germs in the body.
6. Dry yourself with a clean towel, and change clothes immediately.
7. Then do not drink cold water first, warm for one to two hours.

It can be done in the following days to eliminate throat, cough, colds and other respiratory system infections.
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