India has one of the most disciplined people! - GazeFeed

India has one of the most disciplined people! - GazeFeed

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, taking this seriously and the participation of its people will beat this invisible disease! Over 199, countries are now affected by the novel-coronavirus with 551,113 confirmed cases worldwide. Recently, some countries locked-down their boarders to prevent and stop the spread of the disease. They do believe that by doing these, the infections will be lessen.

China has now zero cases of coronavirus, in which what they did is to locked-down the most centerpoint of the disease, Wuhan. Thus, the results were effective and that is why other countries are doing it also and applying the steps of China government to prevent the spread and beat this newly discovered deadly virus. 

In India, these people are participating well in their government's protocols. As what we can see in the picture, they implement social distancing properly and by patiently waiting for their turns to get their relief goods. 

Food packages that their government's were giving are not just those canned foods, but instead they give its people with vegetables and other healthy food to make their immune system strong. 

These photos show us that there is still hope, even though the virus has no vaccine yet, we can survive this and beat this novel-corona-virus. Just like what happened to China, we can survive this through participating to our government's steps and protocols. 

Please stay at your homes and maintain social distancing. Wash your hands frequently and disinfect your most commonly used items in your house. And most importantly, pray and do not lose hope. 

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