Heartbreaking photo of an old woman street vendor went viral - GazeFeed

Heartbreaking photo of an old woman street vendor went viral - GazeFeed

This photo of an old woman selling vegetables on the street went viral. It made netizens emotional which made them think a lot on how cruel and unfair the world is. Some netizens expressed their thoughts that, if only they could help the woman or if they could just have the enough amount of money to help those street vendors survive the disease outbreak, they will really help. 

One of the most hard enemy that the world is facing right now is the fight against "Novel-Corona-Virus-2019". An enemy that we cannot see, an enemy that we don't know how to defeat it yet. Due to the global pandemic announced by the World Health Organization, they have announced that we are all advise to do a "home-quarantine" which means that everyone of us is prohibited on going outside of our houses. 

Courtesy: Niko Romel Ortega

After the news went viral, it caused so much panic to the public. Some of our people are panic-buying, ensuring that their goods will survive for a one-month quarantine advised by the government. Which was also resulted to "out-of-stocks" of some goods in the market. The demand is really high, but not most of us can do panic-buying even if they want to stay in their houses and follow the protocols implemented by the government, they have no choice but to go outside and sell products like they usually do. 

In the Philippines, poverty is not a new thing, most people there are just earning average. The worst part is, in such situation like this, they are not ready. Not all Filipinos are blessed with financial, source of income are also affected by this crisis. Not all the people have enough savings to "panic-buy" and rush to grocery stores and buy their needs. The fact is, in order to survive and buy our daily needs is we need to work to earn money, to buy the supplies that we need for a living. It is just so sad, thinking that there are people from the streets left sleeping without food. They have no choice but to stay outside because they have no homes to get in. Reality is making us so sad, this year is causing us so much pain. Please pray, follow the protocols of the government and stay at your houses. Help those people who are in need. This is the time that we need to unite, by cooperating, we can defeat this disease. We can win this fight. 

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