Filipinos are now panic-buying due to CoVID19 outbreak - GazeFeed

Filipinos are now panic-buying due to CoVID19 outbreak - GazeFeed

Recently, the NCoV recorded cases in the Philippines are getting higher. People from the Philippines are now panic buying and getting themselves ready for the outbreak of this newly discovered deadly virus called, "Novel-Corona-Virus". 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the virus started in Wuhan, China and has spread overt 113 more countries that prompted WHO to declare a global pandemic. The confirmed cases of novel corona virus are now reaching up to 131,000+ while there are more than 4,700+ deaths have been reported across the globe as of March 12, 2020. One-third of its percentage of cases are coming outside of China. 

On the other hand, as per the report given by the Depart of Health (DOHph), there are 133 of individuals who are suspected to have the said deadly virus. Moreover, there are total of 49 confirmed cases positive with Corona-Virus-2019. The said country has declared its health emergency after the case was reported to be the first community transmission recorded. Declaration will also provide the local governments and healthcare facilities funds to handle any spike in future cases. 

Some schools were also temporarily suspended due to the global pandemic of the Novel-Corona-Virus-2019. In some cases, there are schools continued their operations even with this threat because of their autonomous status. But other people believe that they will soon suspend their classes too after the panel of the school decide and hear the concerns of this global threat virus. 

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