"Duterte's lockdown, torture for the people" - Youth Party-list - GazeFeed

"Duterte's lockdown, torture for the people" - Youth Party-list - GazeFeed

The Youth party-list opposed President Rodrigo Duterte's 'enhanced community quarantine'.
On the official Facebook page of the Kabataan party-list, they said that the government should stop quashing the quarantine community because it is only caused a problem for Filipinos.

According to them, the government should conduct mass testing and provide financial assistance, free drugs and food.

“Stop the global lockdown! Instead, do mass testing and distribute financial aid, free medicine, and free food! ”

“Provide all medical necessities such as face masks, gloves, alcohol, and other personal protective equipment to health workers!” they added.
The Youth Party-list Facebook post is now deleted.

Kabataan added party-list Rep. Sarah Elago said the government should prevent schools from raising tuition fees and other fees after the community quarantine.
Netizens, meanwhile, criticized the Kabataan Party-list for allegedly complaining and criticizing the government.

"It's okay to criticize, but when it comes to helping our Citizens, like in this crisis, you wonder!" says netizen Garry.
“You are tortured by the country's policies,, you think. Why dont you give those things away .. I'm also a teenager, but thank you to the Lord for being like me .. There is goodness, ”said netizen Rolyline Mina.

"You have a budget as a congressman ... why don't you use it for the poor..they are fighting you ... prove it now if you really can!" says Flora Anona.

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