DUTERTE says to the public: Do not be stubborn! - GazeFeed

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DUTERTE says to the public: Do not be stubborn! - GazeFeed

President Rodrigo Duterte urged the public to abide by the policy of officials and not be hostile to the implementation of enhanced community quarantines throughout Luzon.

The President made the statement in his address to the town on Tuesday night.

The President said it was important for the public to cooperate with local officials and comply with the national government's rules regarding restriction so as not to be at risk of coronavirus disease 2019.

”I repeat: Stay at home. Do not be hard-headed. I now call on every Filipino to participate in this war by following the guidelines set by the national government and your local officials, ”said the President.

Despite the ongoing curfew in Central Luzon, there are still some protesters who are still coming out of their house despite being strictly ordered not to leave the house.

President Duterte also called on major government agencies to expedite the delivery of medical supplies and medical equipment to hospitals.

He needs to make sure that no one gets hurt in the process for no happy times especially now that they are needed for the safety of the Filipinos.

“I also call on relevant agenciesto ensure the speedy delivery of basic medical supplies and equipment to health facilities. Everything must go smoothly to make sure we do not waste time, ”the President added.

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