Actress Iza Calzado tested positive of COVID19 - GazeFeed

Actress Iza Calzado tested positive of COVID19 - GazeFeed

Manager of the actress itself clarified the case of Iza Calzado in an Instagram post, Saturday, March 28. 

Her manager Noel Ferrer said, "she got her test results on Friday, March 27, 2020. 

"She is recovering well as she was aggressively treated for pneumonia and the virus. She can actually [breathe] now without any oxygen assistance," 

Iza Calzado herself posted in Instagram that she had been hospitalized due to pneumonia. 

However, the family of Iza including her husband who interacted with her haven't shown any symptoms. But she will be tested again to check if she's already negative for the disease. Ferrer also added that the actress isn't sure where she contracted the virus. 

Noel Ferrer thanked our brave front-liners for fighting the disease and risking their lives. Especially now that we lack of PPEs. Thus, fighting this virus makes more difficult. 

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  1. People don't really understand what the world is really passing through, all they thunk is that the covid-19 is fake but not knowing that its 100% real. I over had someone saying that covid-19 is fake and he will start up his business full and that was when the world declared total lock-down. As for me, my life is so precious to me more than anything. Thanks to God for seeing us through, also thanks to you for taking your time in providing information despite the hard time. I really do appreciate your work.