2 alcohol bottles per transaction only - GazeFeed

2 alcohol bottles per transaction only - GazeFeed

This policy from a famous supermarket somewhere in Luzon went viral because of their concern to other individuals who want to avail alcohol. The pandemic outbreak of Corona-Virus-2019 is making the people worldwide panic, there are individuals whose now panic buying due to this deadly threat by the said virus. 

However, this policy was made because of those entrepreneur or "hoarders" whose buying those alcohol available in the market by bulk and sell it to online with such big increase of its regular price. Netizens also get mad with the activities happening now in the market, that they don't even have conscience left and consideration for the pandemic situation happening right now caused by this CoVID19. 

On the other hand, most of the big markets are now making their best to make sure that everyone would have our alcohols that protects us from germs with a reasonable price. The stocks are also coming more and will be expected to come soon. S&R company also restocked immediately their supplies of alcohol to get ready and expect more customers to come. 

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