This post of Mr. Daniel M. Garcia broke the heart of netizens. - GazeFeed

This post of Mr. Daniel M. Garcia broke the heart of netizens. - GazeFeed 

Most families out there celebrated their New Year happy together with their family members. But this dad, posted a photo of him together with a background picture of his children broke the hearts of netizens. 

As a person who has a small and good heart, you will also get emotional if you see the post of Mr. Daniel M. Garcia. As what we can see in the picture, the facial expression that Mr. Garcia portrays a lot of feelings and it touches the heart of its readers. 

At first glance, the post of him will really grab your attention. You can see in his eyes the sadness he feels or the struggle he have been through. He may look sad but his eyes expresses really a lot of feelings that anyone of us cannot explain but we can feel. Look at his actual post, here's the photo of him.

He captioned his post with: "Happy New year to all of my children!" (Translated.)

Maybe, we do not know what is the whole story behind this but the emotion and feelings of Mr. Daniel M. Garcia really means a lot to us. To the point that although we did not experience it, but still we can feel what he has been through. 

We, together in my team, will be praying for your fast recovery pal. We hope that still, you will have a blast year this 2020 and a year full of happy moments! You can stand again, Mr. Garcia! 

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