This ad goes viral because of its outstanding new idea!

This ad goes viral because of its outstanding new idea!

An "Ad" gets boring when you deliver it to the public in a generic way. But this group of advertisers behind this very cool idea in marketing their ad gets viral because of its cool idea! 

Dracula is a television series published by "Mark Gatiss" and "Steven Moffat", that is based on the novel of the same name by "Bram Stoker". The series was publish and released on BBC One and Netflix and it consists of three episodes. "Claes Bang" was the main character of the mentioned series movie. As what we can remember, Dracula premiered on January 1, 2020 and was broadcast for over three consecutive days.

The team of advertisers behind this very cool idea in delivering their ad to the public should be given an appreciation because of its aesthetic and artistry. Let's observe how they expose the series movie to the public, here's the proof why: 

As what you guys can see, it is quite weird right? Seeing those weird sticks out there being installed in that billboard. But let's move forward and see more about this. 

Okay, it is just a plain ad that has some weird sticks on it. Let's watch out for the trick they prepared. 

And when the night came, the public will see this "ad" and transform into something! 

And it's wow, what a brilliant idea isn't it, right?

Here's the final output of those weird sticks being installed in that billboard.

It is really amazing to see talented of people with brilliant minds to think and come up with this outstanding idea. Exposing or marketing your products will never be exciting like this unless you have creative minds! 

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