Prepare this very easy to make Tuna Lumpiang Shanghai - GazeFeed

Prepare this very easy to make Tuna Lumpiang Shanghai - GazeFeed 

Lumpiang Shanghai is very popular of its unforgettable taste. It is also an all time favorite of most people nowadays, especially Filipinos, they love to eat Lumpia in different situations. Lumpia is a type a food that is very flexible in different occasions, situations, scenarios and weather. You can bring your Lumpia with you anytime and anywhere. Because of its small size, you can also put your Lumpia in your pocket together with your wallet and not breaking your credit cards! Kidding aside, this food was discovered merely by most people when there was a page in social media platforms created a meme or survey on what food would they going to eliminate if they will be given a chance to remove one. Lumpia is included there and most people added, Lumpiang Shanghai will always be the best according to the netizens. 

Today, we, in GazeFeed will be teaching you how to cook and prepare your delicious Lumpiang Shanghai Tuna flavor!  

What are the Ingredients?

3 180-grams Cans of Tuna Flakes in oil (Drained)

1 Cup of Carrots (Grated)

1/4 Cup of White Onions chopped

3 Tablespoons of Calamansi-juice

20 pieces of Lumpia wrappers (Small)

1/4-grams of Cooking oil. (For frying)

Water (For sealing Lumpia)

Spiced vinegar (For dipping)

Add a little bit of salt and black pepper to taste. 

How is the process of cooking?

1. Prepare your bowl, and put all the following: Tuna Flakes, Carrots, Onions. Together with the salt and black pepper powder or crushed, mixed them all. 
2. Heat up your deep pot or you can use a concave shaped frying pan for deep frying. 
3. On a board, make your lumpia by laying down a wrapper and putting the mixed ingredients at the middle of it and roll. Close the rolled lumpia by putting a little amount of water in your fingers and apply it on the end part. 
4. Check the oil if it is hot or not. To make sure if it's hot, get a chopstick and dip a part of if and see if the bubbles are present. If present, you are ready to fry. 
5. Wait for the golden brown color and drain it in paper towels. 
6. Serve hot with your homemade vinegar sauce. Enjoy! 

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