Perfect Hot and Spciy Ginataang Hipon recipe - GazeFeed

Perfect Ginataang Hipon recipe - GazeFeed

"Ginataan" - is a type of food is part of recipe that basically came from the milk of coconut. They used this oil to give another taste and add more creaminess in your recipe. There are also different types of "ginataan recipes", namely; ginataang isda, ginataang baka, ginataang baboy and many more. Coconut milk is very flexible enough to be added in different types of recipes. Basically, "ginataan" recipes are types of food that has "coconut milk or extract". Today, GazeFeed will going to teach you how to make your creamy and easy ginataang hipon! 

What are the Ingredients?

2 Tablespoons of Vegetable oil

1 Medium of red onions (Chopped)

6 Cloves of Garlic (Minced)

1 piece (1 & 1/2 inch) Ginger (Sliced it into very thin strips)

3 pieces of green finger-chilies or Long-sized-of-chili (Sliced in half)

3 pieces of Red-bird's-eye-chilies or siling labuyo (Sliced in half)

1 1/2 Tablespoons of Shrimp Paste or also known as (bagoong na alamang)

2 Cups of Coconut-milk

500 Grams of medium shrimp (Cleaned)

100 Grams of String-beans or Sitaw (Sliced into 2 1/2-inch pieces)

How is the process of cooking?

1. Prepare a pot or you can also use casserole, and add cooking oil. Add some garlic, ginger, and oil. Wait until it gets fragrant. 
2. Cook your chilies, and wait for about one-minute. After that, do not forget to add next your bagoong and wait for another minute. 
3. Now, add your creamy coconut milk, and stir until you achieve its consistency. 
4. Then, you can now add your shrimps and simmer it and check until it cooked. And do not forget to add the string beans to unlocked other nutritious content. Wait another two-minutes until it is ready.
5. Serve hot and enjoy! 

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