Makagago released his diss-track for Xander Ford - GazeFeed

Makagago released his diss-track for Xander Ford - GazeFeed

Mark Jayson Warnakulahewa, recently announced to his channel that he will be releasing a diss-track for Marlou Arizala or also known as Xander Ford. 

The track entitled, "Ay Pangit Sabi Ko Na" and it was all inspired by the appearance of Xander Ford. The track recently got viral for only hours and one day after Makagago uploaded the video, it is in "Top 47" trending in YouTube. 

As what we can remember, Xander Ford challenged Makagago to do the "Ay Barbie Challenge" but Markjayson got an idea to revised the challenge and make it more funny. So instead doing the "Ay Barbie Challenge" he made for himself a track inspired by Xander Ford entitled, "Ay Pangit Sabi Ko Na".

These two popular individuals are now making fun in the internet world. Bashing and making entertaining stories to each other. Most of their content really got viral because both of them are truly amazing and the netizens also liked their contents. 

For your reference you can watch it here: 

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