Makagago finally accepted the challenge of Xander Ford - GazeFeed

Makagago finally accepted the challenge of Xander Ford - GazeFeed

The YouTuber, Mark Jayson Warnakulahewa also known as "Makagago" smashes the challenge of his co-start image artist to him, named Xander Ford. The challenge was made few days by Xander, telling Makagago if he can do the "bakla-challenge" or "ay-barbie-challenge" and amazingly, the bad guy artist finally responded and accepted the challenge. 

Over the past few months, Makagago has been hitting the "trending" status in every social media platform. As what can anyone remember, Makagago is known for its "bad-guy-image". He also make "diss-track" about popular individuals from different platforms of social media. 

And for his recent issue, Mark Jayson Warnakulahewa also known as "Makagago" was featured in "Raffy Tulfo in Action" because of the complaint being given by "Leng Altura". The issue was handled by Mr. Raffy professionally and the issue also has been resolved. 

According to the recent video of Makagago in his own YouTube channel, he accepted the challenge because he needs to. Not because of Xander Ford's threat to him but for the sake of his new "track" to be release soon entitled, "ay-panget". 

Makagago, also pointed out and clarify things to his audience that he has no twitter account. And if someone would really believe that he has, he said those individuals are dumb. He also added, that he don't know how to use the twitter's social media platform. 

In his video, he also answered to Xander's accusations to him. Because Xander Ford was discriminating the skin of Makagago. Mark also responded to Xander, saying "my case is understandable than yours, because in my case, I am half sri-lankan and you are purely Filipino but your skin is almost the same with mine." 

He also said and sarcastically pointed out to Xander's dancing skills. Makagago said, "Your dancing skill is so bad, so bad than your ugly face. There's no room for that, like literally it's so bad man." And he also laughed after remembering what he said on his last upload about Xander's video, he said that, "if you can just fly, I will call you 'kalapangit'". 

The video entertained the audience and received a lot of funny comments. Some of the netizens agreed to what Makagago said. But some of the netizens believed that both parties are just making this for entertainment only. 

For those who haven't watch the video video yet, here's the link:

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