I thought he was a beggar but I was wrong - GazeFeed

I thought he was a beggar but I was wrong - GazeFeed

In a daily basis, we met a lot of people. Let's just say if you are just going to go outside in your subdivision, you would probably meeting one to twenty people just inside in your area. How about when you go to the mall and buy some groceries? That's probably a huge number, maybe you let's say, five-hundred to one-thousand people but not literally you are going to ask their names and chitchat with them huh. That's really impossible to do in just one day. But, to go back to our topic, a man posted on his social media account about what he had learn in life. A life lesson that all of us must really pay attention to. 

Del Heartman RCrim, posted a photo of an old man he thought beggar. Because as what we can see, the old that he was referring to was really looked like a beggar. Well, we have that saying, "appearance can be deceiving" and I guess "Heartman" was applying that philosophy in this situation. 

Let us take a look on what makes he think that the old guy he thought is a beggar, checkout on this picture: 

Alright, as what we can see, this old guy may look really beggar according to its physical appearance. As also he is holding in that moment a piece of "rice sack", maybe that is the reason why the man who posted this, concluded that this old man is a beggar. 

But as we are going to observe keenly in the picture, the place seems to be a "money-changer-center" in the Philippines named, "Palawan Express Pera Padala" Center. So after a few moments of waiting there, the man who posted was shocked. Because according to him, the old man was actually sending money to his children somewhere in the Philippines.


As he included also in his post, the reason why the old guy standing there is because he was waiting for his name to be called by the staff for the releasing of his receipt in that center. The man also who posted shared this story, to point out or to give lesson to everyone, not to judge quickly just because of what you see physically. Always remember that in every situation there is a hidden reason or information that we must know first before concluding. 

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