Creamy and Tasty "Bistek Tagalog" - GazeFeed

Creamy and Tasty "Bistek Tagalog" - GazeFeed

"Bistek Tagalog" is a Filipino all-time-favourite dish especially for those Filipinos who loves meat so much. Pinoy really loves to eat, most people in the Philippines really love to travel and eat some good food. We cannot all deny the fact that most of us humans, really love to eat. There are also different versions being invented by some local chefs.  To name those, here are the examples: "kalderetang baka", "menudong baka", "afritadang baka" and many more. Today, GazeFeed presents and we will be teaching you how to cook and prepare your favourite yet satisfying "Bistek Tagalog".

What are the ingredients?

100 ml of oil
200 grams marinade
200 grams letsugas
720 grams beef tenderloin
50 grams chopped onion
200 grams onion sliced circular
150 ml soy sauce
200 grams lemon juice
2 grams whole pepper

How is the process of cooking?

1. Soak the beef in crushed garlic, soy sauce and lime juice.
2. Fry the beef gently before stirring in the pan.
3. Cook well the onions and make sure that its purely cooked.
4. Add the soy sauce and squeeze the lemon to the onion and boil until thickened.
5. Arrange the fried beef on a tray.
6. Pour onion sauce over beef.
7. Serve with marinade.
8. Pair it with hot-rice for very satisfying taste!

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