Homemade Fried Crispy Pork recipe - GazeFeed

Homemade Fried Crispy Pork recipe - GazeFeed

Most of us would love to eat oily foods, and no doubt I am part of it. Especially those oil foods that sounds crispy when it is being devoured. One of the best example there is the pork crispy fried. At this very moment, GazeFeed will teach you how to cook and prepare your delicious crispy fried pork dish! 

What are the Ingredients?

1 Kilogram of Boneless Pork (Belly, Skin on) Sliced into 1-inch pieces

4 Cups of water

1 Medium of red onions (Quartered)

3 Pieces pf Bay leaves (Dried)

2 Tablespoons of Salt (Rock)

1 Tablespoon of Black Peppercorns

1 Head garlic (Cloves separated)

1 Kilos of Cooking-Oil

Vinegar when served 

How is the process of cooking?

1. In a clean casserole, prepare the following and mix them all: Water, Onion, Bay leaves, Salt, Peppercorns. Wait until it boils and remove those impurities above boiling water. 
2. Lower the hea and let it simmer for a couple of hours and always check the meat until it gets tender and the water is evaporated completely. 
3. Remove the meat and separate it in different bowl. Put some ice on the top of it. (Make sure all parts of the meat is covered by cold.) 
4. Wait until the meat is cold and set it aside for a couple of minutes.
5. Preheat your cooking oil and begin to put the cold meat, start deep frying. Always keep stirring the oil and check for the golden-brown color. 
6. Serve it hot and do not forget your homemade vinegar. Enjoy! 

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