Easy Creamy Chicken Curry recipe - GazeFeed

Easy Creamy Chicken Curry recipe - GazeFeed

Chicken paired with coconut cream or milk is the best thing that you guys to consider trying out to cook! Chicken curry is a delicacy food that uses most commonly coconut milk. Coconut cream adds more thick consistency to its meat and gives another flavor when added with spiced and secret technique in cooking. GazeFeed will now reveal how to make your easy creamy delicious chicken curry recipe! 

What are the Ingredients?

2 Tablespoons of Cooking Oil
1/4 Cup of Canola-oil
1/2 Kilogram of Chicken (Cut into medium pieces)
1 Medium of Red-onion (Peeled and chopped)
3 Cloves of Garlic (Peeled and chopped)
2-inch length of fresh Ginger  (Peeled and finely grated)
1 pack of (28 grams) Yellow-curry-powder
2 Cups of Coconut-cream
1 Cup of Water
2 Medium size of potatoes (Peeled into cubed-large-size)
1 Large-size-of-Carrot (Peeled into cubed-large)
Add some salt and ground pepper to see good results

How is the process of cooking?

1. Prepare your medium-size pot or casserole, set your stove in a medium heat, add and heat your cooking oil. Add chicken and cook the both sides. Transfer in other plate, set aside.
2. On the same pot, fry your garlic, onions, ginger and wait until it gets fragrant. And put back again the chicken. 
3. Shower the curry powder inside the pot and then add some water and coconut milk. Do not forget to add your carrots and potatoes. Simmer it until the chicken gets cooked and the vegetables are also tender. 
4. Add and monitor the amount of pepper and salt until you achieve your desired taste.
5. Serve it with hot rice and enjoy! 

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